Southeast Michigan Computer Tuneup and Upgrade Services

Computer Tuneups by BienTek

BienTek offers two computer tuneup options. The basic tuneup includes:

  • check antivirus (and install a free one if recommended)
  • run cleaning software
  • registry check and optimization
  • disk defragmentation
  • memory check
  • hard drive check
  • internal computer inspection
  • Windows Updates inspection and installation
  • Removal of dust from fans
  • Check for and remove unwanted programs

For seriously damaged computers, BienTek recommends reloading your operating system for a like-new experience:

  • Full Data Backup and Restoration
  • Windows Reinstallation (for a like-new experience)
  • 3rd-party software reinstallation (like Microsoft Office and your other programs)
  • Free / Open-Source software advisement and installation for business or home use (because we're happy to recommend free solutions that we do not make any commission on)

Computer Customizations and PC upgrades

BienTek's PC upgrades include:

  • Processor upgrades - blaze through tasks with increased efficiency
  • Memory Upgrades - run more programs without minimized performance loss
  • Hard Drive Upgrades - increase your storage capacity to store more movies, music and photos

BienTek's custom PC's include:

  • Gaming PCs - ready for the next generation of graphics processing: overclocked for minimum lag and maximum frags
  • Business PCs - ready for business applications like email, office and Internet work - and customized to address your need for special programs or hardware configurations

How it Works

Custom PCs are for special requests - when you have needs that can't be met by Dell or other major companies. Generally, it takes one week to acquire individually-chosen parts and fully construct and test a customized PC. Give us a call at 734-237-1864 to discuss your onsite computer upgrade or customization solution.

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