Get a deal from your local Southeast Michigan techniciation.

$20 Fee Waived

$20 New Customer Fee is waived when this coupon code is provided over the phone when you first call in.

Coupon Code: 49709

Coupon is not valid unless code is provided to BienTek when first calling. Expires May 26, 2017.

Call 734-237-1864. Tell us about your technology need and location so that we can have you speak to the appropriate technician from a nearby location!

There is no cost to you, the customer, for using BienTek's coupon matching service. The service is paid for by service providers. BienTek's January 2015 coupon page offers a deal from other computer repair businesses, IT service companies, and home theater technicians serving the Southeast Michigan area. When you call in with the coupon code, you may work directly with another computer repair business who has agreed to provide a discounted service to customers calling BienTek. There's no guarantee of technician availability, but we'll do our best to find a technician willing to offer the deal within your time constraints.

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