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There is no cost to you, the customer, for using BienTek's coupon matching service. The service is paid for by service providers. BienTek's February 2015 coupon page offers a deal from other computer repair businesses, IT service companies, and home theater technicians serving the Michigan area. When you call in with the coupon code, you may work directly with another computer repair business who has agreed to provide a discounted service to customers calling BienTek. There's no guarantee of technician availability, but we'll do our best to find a technician willing to offer the deal within your time constraints.

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Speak directly with your technician about your quote and turnaround time before you commit to anything.

2: Get Computer Services

Speak directly with your technician about your quote and turnaround time before you commit to anything.

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Virus Removal Services for Southeast Michigan


If your computer has been running slower than usual, is showing unexpected popups or advertisements, has been displaying error messages, or locks up frequently, a virus or spyware infestation may be to blame.


We're available to discuss your computer issues over the phone. Contact us at 734-237-1864, or learn more about BienTek's virus removal service for PCs needing computer repair and virus removal.

Data Recovery & System Recovery


Does your computer not start or work normally? System file corruption, disk errors, and viruses can cause such crashes. Don't worry: in these cases, your files can normally be recovered.


Same-day recovery services are even available in most cases. Your photos, documents, music and everything else can usually be saved. We can even set up data backup services to minimize risks in the future. Call 734-237-1864 for a quote.

Southeast Michigan Laptop Repair


Laptop services that can be done onsite often include data recovery, Windows boot issues, virus removal, and Windows system recovery.


Other laptop services offered include laptop lcd screen repair & replacement and power jack repair.


Call 734-237-1864 for help with laptop repair.



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