Sep 262014

Computer technicians that run their own business, or are part of a small computer repair business, often seek work directly from the customer, but also look for work as a subcontractor of another company. It’s the latter that we discuss here: which technicians get hired as subcontractors.

So, what qualities are found in a computer repair technician who is in high demand for contract work? Most importantly, experience and specialization, closely followed by communication. Contractors are hired for their mastery of particular skills like virus removal, laptop hardware repair, Apple Mac repair, and home theater setup – but are not expected to have mastery of all these skills (that is rare). Contractors are not trained, so they are always expected to have sufficient experience in their area of expertise.

A good tech contractor only needs to specialize in one technology service, as long as he is capable of adequately handling related skills. For example, a laptop hardware specialist (who focuses on LCD screen replacements, motherboard & dc jack repair) would benefit from some virus removal experience, since a “broken laptop” may be a virus misdiagnosed as a hardware issue.

A good contractor usually has his own business cards and website that advertise his technology services. He has registered his business with the state. He may also have flyers or other advertising material that demonstrate his dedication and highlight his expertise. The IT contractor usually carries professional liability insurance because of the risky nature of some services. It almost goes without saying that the contractor has his own tools and transportation. Some contractors work from a shop; others work from home.

Finally, a good computer repair contractor has soft-skills (like communication) and values (like dedication and honesty).

Above, BienTek has covered the qualities of a good technology contractor (in the owner’s opinion). If you think you’re a good candidate to accept computer repair jobs from BienTek, feel free to apply. If accepted as one of BienTek’s technology partners, you will be notified of occasional jobs, which you may choose whether to accept based on your interest and availability. We’re currently particularly interested in partnering with Apple and laptop techs in Novi, Lansing, Jackson, Lapeer, and Grand Rapids, MI.

  5 Responses to “Getting Hired as a Computer Repair Subcontractor”

  1. Hello. I would love the opportunity to work with your company as a subcontractor.

  2. Arie, Thanks for your interest. Please visit our computer technician jobs page, where you can submit your information.

  3. hi as owner of NEGA Technology i would love to be a subcontracted tech

  4. Hi we have our own business. SuddenLink IT, and have all the experience required for subcontracting in the IT technician field

  5. Thanks for your interest. Please visit our computer technician jobs page, where you can submit your information.

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