Feb 172011
Droid Gmail Crashes

Is your Droid-X rebooting when sending Gmail?

Update Sept. 30, 2011: With the Droid-X continuing to crash under these fixes, a new solution emerges: simply remember to hit the home button before locking the screen. It seems that the rotation of Pandora (and other apps like DoggCatcher) that occurs while locking your screen may be responsible for most of the crashes.

Update March 7, 2011: It seems that uninstalling and reinstalling the Gmail and Pandora apps might help, although it’s not yet known whether the order matters.

If you own a Motorola Droid-X, you might be dealing with semi-random crashes when using the preinstalled Gmail app, where the phone reboots when you try to send email. For me, the usual “clear the cache” type tricks did not work. Neither did setting the phone back to the original factory state.

The solution: go to the Market and install the Gmail app from there. You’ll see the app changes in appearance and behavior a bit. This is probably the easiest way to resolve the crash / restart issue. Surprisingly, there was no “update notification” for Gmail – I just tried going to the market on a whim and discovered the update.

  3 Responses to “Fixing the Droid-X Gmail Crash and Reboot”

  1. I’m done with motorola. The droid x is horrible. random reboots..signal goes fron nothing to 4 bqr 3 g andback to nothing without being moved..took them 8 monthsto get theaudio player from effing up every 5 min..calls reboot the dmn thing..slow S L O W operating from one screen to next.. takes forever to load apps..can never seem to keep a gps location..headphone jack in wrong place.. touchpad SO less precise than all other phones.. gallery is a joke..never plays simple movies..constantly requires battery pulls..takes forever to wake up..hdmi output is so touchy and buggy that it’s basically useless..screen orientation takes nothing to flip, but practically haveto turn it 180 degrees to get it to return..motorola and verizon point fingers and won’t accept blame..SLOWEST INTERNET BROWSING OF THEM ALLeven against much older phones…these are but a few issues…highly do NOT recommend… on my 4 th phone in 8 months…never damaged…basic use…horrible device. Worst of all are signal ansystem lags…wife’s incr. will have4 bars of 3g while mine is useless with no signal…Motorola used us as guinea pigs…never again.

  2. All of the problems listed above are exactly the same experiences I’ve had with all three all three DROID x phones I’ve had. It really is as if Motorola didn’t do any real world testing…at all…really…it’s so horribly planned. My guess is Motorola considers these phones as disposable, rather keep dumping new half-assed models for us to upgrade from their previous POS model. Literally the only nice thing about this phone is the screen. The keyboard absolutely BLOWS, as I type this I can only see two lines of minutest and it’s a major pain to edit. The rotation is a joke, barely turn it 5is degrees and it rotates, but to get it to return to the previous position requires like 100a degree rotation. Listening to the static filled music player means you’ll likely have it reboot at some random point and haveto wait a full 3-4 minutes before it’s functional. Just now I tried to edit the text to place a space between “haveto” and the cursor was stuck about 25a characters to the left of where my finger was. Anyway, the reboots I suspect are caused by the phone not handling functions like auto rotate and addressing the sd card at the same time. It seems to restart when I close the browser and go back to music then turn off the screen.

    I will never buy or even take for free another Motorola product. It’s bad enough they rushed out this garbage, but the real insult is their refusal to make it right, to not even acknowledge these very real and common problems is a slap in our faces. We didn’t buy these phones to belate basically lied to, if these were vehicles there would be a lemon law class action suit. Actually, a class action lawsuit might be a way to go considering their lies and refusals.

  3. Avoid the Droid. Well, the Motorola Droid-X to be precise. Mine crashes all the time when I lock the phone while rotating the screen… especially when Pandora or Angry Birds is open!

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